About Us

Şahin Motor Yatakları Ltd. (Şahin Engine Bearings Ltd) was established in 1955 as a workshop that manufactured cast thick-wall bearings in Istanbul. The company changed its status to Şahin Motor Yatakları Anonim Şirketi (Şahin Engine Bearings Incorporated Company) in 1965. The new company started to manufacture steel coated thin-walled engine bearings in Turkey after entering into a license and trademark agreement with Glacier Metal Company (GMC). The land in Gebze, on which our factory stands today, was bought around the same era. GMC prepared the first manufacturing plan and the first pilot production using a fast-line was executed in 1969. We started manufacturing flanged bearings round about the same time.

The company increased their capacity after purchasing the second fast-line in 1976. Shortly after, in 1983, the company added a third fast-line and moved onto double shift manufacturing to meet the increasing demands of the domestic market.

In 1993, we established a state of the art high-speed production line in order to meet the demands of OEM organisations, such as Tofaş and Renault, in the domestic market. In 1994, we fully adopted the sense of total quality and obtained a certificate that stated we were in compliance with ISO 9002 standards. On the other hand, in 1996, a computer-controlled plating plant was implemented by our own engineers, to meet high-quality objectives and the increasing demand for plated bearing, and tests were initiated.

In 1999, our company was granted a QS-9000 certificate; within this scope, quality control laboratories were established and modernisation projects were initiated. In addition, R&D-supported projects were executed in collaboration with universities. In 2003, high-speed thrustwasher line was implemented using new systems. 2003 is also the year we started manufacturing cam-shaft bearing and clinched bushes.

In 2000, our company started going through a restructuring process in order to keep up with the worldwide increase in global trade and intense competition. In 2004, we received the ISO TS 16949:2002, the Quality Management System for the World Automotive Industry, together with the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System certificate, and started to manage all our processes with numerical objectives. The company's management was structured on the concept of management with 16949 objectives.

efficiency works were conducted. In 2010, we opened a special purpose new engine bearing line as well as increasing the capacity of bore-broach benches. In 2011, as a conclusion of works conducted by the R&D department we implemented a bearing test machine that could review the performance of new products on the verge of mass production, analyse the maximum loads and the maximum operating temperatures and assess customer complaints. This machine, equipped with high automation, was designed and manufactured by engineers at Şahin. During the same period, machines were revised and new machines were manufactured in order to increase capacity and transfer over to high automation.

In 2012, our R&D department was restructured as the Directorate of R&D and Engineering and more staff was employed in accordance with the company's objectives and vision. In 2012, a new plating line with advanced technology was implemented to respond to the increase in demand, and to achieve plating efficiency, and variety. There are numerous projects planned for 2012, works are currently underway on the Total Quality Project, which aims to manufacture products with zero fault in order to take customer satisfaction to its highest.