After Sales Services

Customer Complaints
Any problems customers may have with our products should be reported to our sales staff. After a written report of the problem is received, samples related to the product complaint are sent to our company's quality department. Visual, physical, chemical and microstructural analyses of the products are made in compliance with TS -ISO 7146 standards and in accordance with the nature of the complaint. The quality reports generated are sent to our sales department, who pass the reports on to the customers.

Membership System
The Şahin membership system has been active since 2004. All retailers, service/repair companies, and engine builders in Turkey visited by our sales representatives, and all firms contacted for information exchange and market analysis are added to the Şahin membership system.

At present, there are over 5000 companies registered on our database. Thanks to this system our members receive our company bulletin, questionnaires, campaigns, and are immediately informed about new products and other announcements. Our company regularly exchanges information with these firms either in meetings or over the phone; their suggestions and requests are recorded, and our after sales services and marketing activities are arranged in accordance with these reports. 1500-2000 company visits are conducted regularly every year and details of the visits are recorded to the database, which is constantly updated.

52% of our members are services/repairmen, 35% are retailers, and 13% are engine recondition workshops.