Domestic Sales

Şahin Engine Bearings' products are supplied to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM's), the spare part services of these manufacturers (OES's), the spare parts market via dealers, government agencies via tenders, and the heavy industry sector (ship bearings, railway engines, generators, etc.).

Our company works with the leading wholesale firms in Turkey as part of the Dealership System it has implemented. Thanks to our dealers, who we work in collaboration with for all engine groups, our products reach retailers, service and repair shops and engine recondition workshops all over the country in a short period of time.

You can access the list of our dealers on our web site.


Turkish OEMs (Main car manufacturers)
Başak Traktör
Türk Traktör

Turkish OESs (Authorised services for main car manufacturers)
BMC Ompaş
Çelik Motor
Ford Otosan
Türk Traktör Yedek Parça (New Holland)
Iveco A.Ş.