The objective of our logistics department is to effectively and efficiently plan, implement, transport, store, and monitor products, services, and information flow at all stages from the start of production to the delivery of the product.

We deliver products in accordance with customer needs and packaging conditions approved by customers in a timely and reliable manner upon receiving orders. Responsibilities of the logistics department include, planning customer demands received from the sales department in line with budgets and relaying these to the production units, packaging, product warehouse management and shipment activities.

Once the requested products are manufactured, they are packaged according to customer requests. Accordingly, products sent to OEMs are packed using wax paper, products sent to aftermarket companies are shrink wrapped and boxed, and special customer requests are vacuum packaged. We have four packaging lines; one of them is automatic packing and shrink-wrap, one is vacuum shrinking, and the other two are standard shrink wrap lines.

Orders are placed in our system and are sent to the warehouse in the form of a job order in order to be prepared for shipment. Goods are gathered to be shipped to the customer in accordance with the FIFO method, and returned to the logistics department once the relevant checklists are prepared. Once all final controls are conducted on the prepared orders, they are delivered to the customers after executing the delivery note and invoicing processes. We have started using a barcode system for labels since 2011.