The product entry to production lines of Şahin are established in accordance with product technical drawings based on job orders placed in line with weekly plans drawn up by the Planning Department. Production lines are specifically established for each product group. Stated below are the line categories according to processes required to manufacture the product;

- Cold Shaping (Different mechanical and hydraulic press groups)
- Machining (Lines or CNC turning machines)
- Broach Operations (Center line and internal wall broaching)
- Plating with electrolysis (for bearings that require plating)

Broaching and plating operations are conducted at micron level (1/1000 of a mm).

Members of our blue collar staff have the experience to work on the said lines, have full command of quality specifications, and are all experts in their own field. The technical capacity of lines is constantly increased, and new adaptations are made in accordance with the change in demand based on market conditions. The management of production units are overseen by foremen who are successful line operators, with years of experience, appointed as head of their unit. Foremen that have full knowledge of their own field or expert members of staff come up with dynamic solutions in collaboration with the production manager and other support units in order to rapidly intervene in the event that any issues arise during processes.

All processes carried out on the production lines are inspected and recorded in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality standards; and all data is recorded and can be traced back.