At the start of every year, our Sales department informs the Planning Department, via the Logistics Department, about the products that shall be manufactured throughout the year. Our priority is to manufacture and deliver the products requested by the Sales Department on time, due to the importance we place on customer satisfaction.
Stated below are the list of activities that we as the Planning Department follow;

- Plan raw materials in accordance with the annual production quantity and types, and place raw material orders on time;
- Plan production in accordance with production requests logged by the Logistics Department in order to establish plans that comply with production and delivery programmes and enable customer satisfaction;
- Give the start for production with working orders established in accordance with planned productions;
- Constantly conduct development works in order to increase the efficiency of production lines;
- Constantly conduct industrial engineering works, such as work studies, method studies, etc, accordingly, and make sure all members of staff in the Production Department adopt to the said discipline;
- Identify the objectives regarding the number and efficiency of production at the start of every year, and generate regular reports to constantly monitor these objectives;
- Identify the production capacity of our company on a regular basis, and always being prepared for future demand increases with a flexible and dynamic approach to production;
- Conduct 5S studies for all production lines.