The R&D design team at Şahin Engine Bearings closely follows technological developments as well as directly contributing to the development of technologies. Şahin Engine Bearings makes a point of adding novelties to the sector in terms of design quality in addition to the superiority and functional properties of its products. Şahin Engine Bearings believes that differentiation in design is an important notion, and backs this notion up by expanding and growing its product range. Şahin Engine Bearings is progressing rapidly to strengthen its competitive status in the industry and becoming a pioneer company in its own field.

The objective of our Design Team is to design tools, dies, moulds that meet customer needs in a high-quality, fast, and economical manner, and prepare these moulds for production. We work with advanced technology and expert staff members at all stages from design to mould production in order to achieve this objective.

Design Process;
- Identification of customer demands on the sample or drawing;
- Technical analysis of the sample;
- Modelling the sample or technical drawing in accordance with customer demands;
- Presenting the model for customer approval;
- Designing the mould using CAD, a computerised design programme;
- Conducting quality control on processed parts;
- Collection of moulds, tools and dies;
- Prototype production;
- Prototype quality control;
- Presenting the obtained prototype for customer approval;
- Commencing production.

In addition, we also conduct machine design and machine improvement studies together with our expert staff using advanced technology. Our main objective is to conduct our studies at the highest quality and at ideal cost.